IEG Papers accepted to Pervasive Health 2010

3 papers written by members of the IE group have been accepted to the Pervasive Health 2010 conference:

  • Matt Ball, VicCallaghan, Michael Gardner, DirkTrossen, “Achieving Human-Agent Teamwork In eHealth Based Pervasive Intelligent Environments” (full paper).
  • Dirk Trossen, Dana Pavel, Ken Guild, Jean Bacon, Jatinder Singh, “Information-centric Pervasive Healthcare Platforms” (work-in-progress paper).
  • Dana Pavel, Vic Callaghan, Anind K. Dey, “Democatization of healthcare through self-monitoring technologies”. Accepted for Pervasive Health 2010 conference, Munich, Germany, March 2010 (work-in-progress paper).

The Pervasive Health 2010 conference will take place between 22-25 March 2010 in Munich, Germany.

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