Scaling Intelligent Environments (Scale Up)

(December 2010-December 2015), “Scaling Intelligent Environments” Funded by King Abdulaziz University. Total Funding for Essex is £800,000.

ScaleUp is a collaboration between the University of Essex and King Abdulaziz University.

It has 4 main aims:

  1. Research – To build upon current Intelligent Environment (IE) research and investigate the methods and models needed to realise large scale IEs.
  2. Facilities – To develop experimental facilities at both KAU and UOE for use throughout the project and in support of the other project goals.
  3. Education – To provide education to students and career development to researcher partners in support of the other project goals.
  4. Dissemination – To further establish the international research reputation for both KAU and UOE through publication (with an emphasis on ISI ranked conferences / journals).