Yevgeniya (Jenya) Kovalchuk

Dr. Jenya Kovalchuk

For me, science, creativity and spirituality always go along with each other. Having completed a high school specializing in mathematics and physics, Bachelor diploma in economics and entrepreneurship, MSc in economic cybernetics and PhD in computer science, I always tend to analyse things and understand them from the scientific point of view. At the same time, being a professional musician and dancer, with experience in psychology, art- and dance-movement therapy, martial arts, various sports and holistic practices, I recognise many processes that are interwoven into our life, determine our interactions and decision-making, but are not yet explained scientifically. I have a deep passion for exploring AI techniques and advances in modern technologies which I believe can help us to understand more secrets of the true nature of life. In my research on intelligent environments, I am focused on designing personal and social spaces that could increase our energy levels and improve our performance. I believe in a multidisciplinary approach to research, thus I combine a number of various methods and techniques borrowed from various fields, including (but not limited to) agent technology, machine learning, natural language processing, neuroscience, brain-computer interfaces, SoCs, sensors and many more.