Talk on “Brain Machines: Robots, Free Will and Science Fiction Prototypes” by Brian Johnson from Intel Digital Home Group, Wed. 17 March 2010

Talk: Brain Machines: Robots, Free Will and Science Fiction Prototypes
Speaker: Brian David Johnson, Intel Digital Home Group
When: Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 9:30am
Where: University of Essex, Room TBA

Abstract: One of the most important (if not the most important) skills to learn in science is how to think about the broader context surrounding our research and development. What are the realistic implications? What are the ways the science might fail, or might not address the “real” problem? How will emerging research and experiments interact with the surrounding ecosystem of people, governments and other technologies? How might the world evolve around a technology and create unanticipated deployment scenarios? Science Fiction Prototyping is a new development tool that utilizes the symbiotic relationship between science fact and science fiction to explore the implications of emerging research and theory. This talk explains the theory behind sci-fi prototyping and gives an example of its application to the field of domestic robotics.

Short Bio: As a Consumer Experience Architect Brian David Johnson develops future products for the Intel Corporation, a global microprocessor manufacturer. He speaks and writes extensively about future technologies in articles and scientific papers as well as in science fiction novels (Fake Plastic Love, the forthcoming This is Planet Earth) and short stories. He has directed two feature films; one that features a girl from Mars (POP) and is an illustrator and commissioned painter.

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