Pervasive Networking & Middleware

This area of work concerns the development of network technology ¬†and smart-middleware to “glue” complex pervasive computing devices and systems together. These infrastructures need to deal with complex network environments which comprise heterogeneous networks, highly dynamic environments (devices and people mobility) an vast numbers of devices (computers in almost every object). In support of this we are investigating both experimentl middleware (smart middleware and ¬†novel campus wide network test beds (the iCampus). The purpose of the testbed is to examine the end-to-end networking issues presented by the consumption of next-generation services over current and next-generation network technologies. To this end, a wide variety of networking architectures and technologies have been deployed in order to better understand and evaluate the networking issues and usage behaviors within a selectively controllable experimental environment. Broadband fixed and mobile services are delivered using both fiber and wireless access network technologies.