Brooker Laboratory

This video shows an early 1993 report on some of the robotic work support in the University of Essex Brooker Laboratory (a research and teaching lab for “Intelligent Embedded Systems”.

Electric Outdoors Robot

This short video shows early work at Essex University mobile robots (circa 1998). Working on outside robots is particularly challenging as the environment is unpredictable (natural and non-instrumented) and the changing conditions challenge all the sensing and control mechanisms). The original iEG group were Dr Martin Colley, Dr Graham Clarke, Dr John Standeven, Mr Paul […]

iDorm Ambient Intelligent Agent

This video shows a brief demonstration of the ambient intelligent agent I designed as part of my PhD work. The demonstration shows the agent adapting to a user’s comfort preferences in the intelligent Dormitory (iDorm) facility at the University of Essex. The agent uses a technique called: Adaptive Online Fuzzy Inference System (AOFIS) to learn […]

iDorm: Demo of Home Movie Application

This short video introduces the iDorm at Essex University (a testbed, based on a student dormitory, that was built to support research into Ambient Intelligence). The video describes the UPnP infrastructure, the workings of simple rule based agents and how these can be used to create holistic environment functionality based on networked controllers coordinating their […]

iDorm: Demonstration of Intelligent Bedroom

This short video provides demonstrates some of the early work at Essex University on embedded-agents for smart homes (circa 2003).

iSpace in the ATRACO project

This short video shows Essex University iSpace being used to support a European project (Atraco) which is investigating the technological infrastructure needed to support the vision for ambient intelligence. The iSpace was built in 2006 and is a full sized domestic apartment built from the ground up to act as a testbed for future generations […]

iSpace: Affective Learning Research

This short video describes work at Essex University that is exploring how emotional awareness can be added to machines. In particular, this video describes a system to sense and communicate learning emotions (eg confusion, understanding etc) from remotely located eLearning students to their teachers.

iSpace: Embedded Agents in Detail

This video provides a detailed description of how the Essex University embedded-agents work (based on PhD work of Dr Faiyaz Doctor’s AOFIS technology).

iSpace: Embedded-Agents

A video illustrating the operation of embedded-agents in the Essex University iSpace. Embedded-agents are software processes that are integrated into appliances and environments, and are able to learn how to control those appliances or environments to meet the users needs.

iSpace: Personal Operating Spaces

This short 2005 video shows a system that wraps “an internet connected bubble” around a user (a personal operating space) that as he moves through his/her world connects to available network services, setting his/her environment according to his/her preferences.

The Early Days

This video provides an overview of the Essex University IEG research as it was in 2002. It shows the original iDorm and introduces the groups basic research into embedded-agents and HCI. Although this video is a little old, and the IEG research has moved on considerably, it still provides an excellent introduction to the motivation […]

The iDorm-1

This short video introduces the original Essex University iDorm-1 built around 1999 (a “Smart Home” research testbed modelled on student accommodation). Later, in 2006 a second digital home was built, the iSpace.