The Intelligent Environments Group (IEG) is part of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at University of Essex in Colchester.

Our group performs research in various areas of intelligent environments developing methods and systems whose primary goal is to support people living in ubiquitous computing environments. Our interests span from novel networking and middleware through intelligent agents, end-user programming,  affective computing and mixed-reality to performing socio-technical studies on people living with technologies. We present here aspects from both our technological and social research. Our group members also have been playing an essential role in the creation as well as in the running of the International conference on Intelligent Environments.


Our group’s mission is to perform research that advances the state-of-the-art in intelligent environments through developing and experimenting with new sensing and monitoring systems, by creating and deploying various embedded intelligent agents that can support human activities and by designing and experimenting with new human interaction paradigms.  Our aim is that the solutions we create offer the level of support, adaptability and control required by end users and, for that, we have three research facillities that allow us to develop and test solutions as well as provide a live-in experience to end users and perform various socio-technical studies.


A campus-wide intelligent environment supported by a wireless access network with over 120 Access Points (APs). These provide an open unauthenticated service set identifier (SSID) called “SmartCampus”.


The iClassroom follows on from the iSpace and is the second purpose build Intelligent Environment in the University of Essex. Built with the aim to aid research into supplementing education with intelligent environments. The iClassroom is the main research testbed used by the iEL. This is a flexible intelligent environment that can be deployed to support […]


iSpace is an umbrella framework for research environments at University of Essex that brings together a number of disciplines spanning areas from networking to smart environments to socio-technical studies.  As part of this project,  people from various groups develop solutions for various environments, such as home (home@iSpace), campus(campus@iSpace) and city (city@iSpace). The IE group is […]